I am a certified Paverpol instructor, and have some supplies on hand, and will order any additional supplies and distribute them.  Please e-mail me at graceworksartstudio@gmail.com or call me at 403-405-2406.

Shipping not included.  Product can only be shipped if guaranteed not to freeze.  While statues made using the product are able to withstand below zero temperatures (once cured), in the liquid state it cannot freeze.

If I do not have what you need in stock I can get it shipped in within a week (April-October) during the winter months it is harder to get product shipped and there is a greater delay in order to prevent product from freezing.  Contact me with any questions.


1 Litre – $45.50; 6 Litre – $230 Black, Bronze, Grey, Transparent, Skin Tone (Natural)

relief-decoration Relief Decoration – $19.95

varnish Varnish – 375 ml – $45.95; 100 ml – $19.95

wrappers Wrappers – $20.95

artstone-2011_opt Art Stone – $19.95

books Elegant Figurines $19.95; How to Paverpol $42.95

pavercotton Pavercotton – $10.95

paverplast-100-400 Paverplast – 100gr $14.45; 400gr $35.50IMG_0028 Armature – $5.50

P1110656 Mini Hammer – $6

paver-colors-2011 Pavercolors – $10; Pavercolor Metallic – $15.95

Paversand White   Paversand – White / Black $19.55


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  1. Do you have 3 buckets of paverpol bronze, 1 black and 1 neutral and 4 base frames and the face mall at stock and what is the price you charge for those??

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