Update and Fall Class Information

Update and Fall Class Information

Hi All!

It has been way to long since I posted an update! So here goes!

At the end of September we will be welcoming a baby girl to our household, after many years of fertility treatments and miscarriages, we are having a miracle baby! So that has been part of my absence over the past year.

I will be teaching an art class in Coaldale November 17, 2018 and it will be a Gnome Class. A description for the upcoming rec and culture guide is the following: Paverpol is a unique medium that is fun to use, it is a liquid medium that once dried and cured is waterproof and outdoor safe! In this class we will be making a Gnome that is a fun winter or Christmas decor piece. The head is 6″ round and the hat is unique as you make it! The class will run 4 hours, to allow for some dry time between layers.

All registration will be through the Town of Coaldale.

I look forward to getting back into teaching!


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