What’s new around here!

What’s new around here!

It has been a full and busy year around my place. We have been doing a lot of work in our back yard and basement to make it a better place to be! This has meant that my time in my studio has been limited. But that is changing!!

I have (with the help my husband) been able to rearrange my studio so that I will now be able to teach classes of 3 or 4 in my home studio space. This is a dream come true! The space isn’t perfect (yet!!) but with plans to continue work throughout the coming year I am good to go as it is.

This means that I am available for more dates to teach! Which means there will be more choice for you!

I have put new class dates and projects up (go to the Upcoming Classes page and Class Descriptions) to see what is up.  The classes are for the end of November and beginning of December. But if you want a class on date not listed just call me and see if we can arrange something that fits your schedule.

This year I am participating in the Christmas @ CASA artisan market November 20 (5-9pm) & 21 (10-5om). Admission is free so come and take a look, do so Christmas shopping and enjoy all the local talent in and around Lethbridge!

I look forward to reconnecting with you in the coming months!


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